Personal Trainer, Studio Pilates International Matwork Certified, Studio Pilates International Reformer Certified

She has a voice that will sooth your soul but don't be fooled by the friendly smile, Tanya will learn your limits and push you to them to ensure you are progressing towards your goals. Tanya runs multiple highly popular mat Pilates classes at STARplex and after 7 years on the mat Tanya is eager and excited to bring Reformer Pilates classes to our new Studio too!


Personal Trainer, Les Mills Advanced Instructor, Studio Pilates International Matwork Certified, Studio Pilates International Reformer Certified

With a passion for all things fitness, our Fitness Centre Manager Alli brings a wealth of experience to you all the way from Ireland. Alli has worked in the industry for more than 20 years and enjoys keeping the STARplex community up-to-date with the latest fitness workouts/experiences – introducing the world of Pilates Reformers.


Certified APPI Reformer & Mat Pilates Instructor

Callum was drawn to Pilates after sustaining multiple knee injuries through playing Football at North Adelaide FC Juniors. He found a passion for Pilates during his rehab for his knee recon surgeries and knows first hand the benefits of Pilates low impact training.

After Callum's 3rd ACL rupture he had been recommended to do some physical therapy before surgery to keep the muscles strong. However, because it was a worse rupture than the previous two, Callum was unable to lift anything in the gym without any pain or discomfort in his knee. Callum's physio recommended that he try Pilates. As soon as he started it was amazing for his knee and Callum was able to get back to fully functioning without pain before surgery because of it- this made Callum fall in love with Pilates, inspiring him to become an instructor.


Personal Trainer,Group Fitness Instructor, Musculo-skeletal practitioner, Level 1 Strength and conditioning coach, Studio Pilates International Matwork Certified, Studio Pilates International Reformer Certified, Clinical Pilates practitioner

A familiar face around STARplex, Karen used to work in the Fitness Centre as a Personal Trainer and RPM instructor. Remaining a member, and now putting back on the STARplex uniform - we are excited about the Clinical Pilates experience Karen brings back with her. Karen has been in the fitness industry for approximately 30 years working at a physiotherapy practice for 25+ years assisting in the rehabilitation of numerous clients.


APMA - Mat & Studio Pilates Certificate, POLESTAR - Mat & Studio Pilates Certificate, Diploma Remedial Massage

As a remedial therapist Karin has a thorough understanding of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the body and the application of a range of techniques to alleviate bodily aches, pains, discomforts and physical limitations. This knowledge paired with her experience teaching Pilates for 17 years brings Karin a depth of understanding of how and why the movements in her classes benefit your body. Her smooth French accent will be calming to your ears and add a sense of elegance to her sessions.


Certified Reformer & Mat Pilates Instructor

New to teaching Pilates, Caitlin has experience conducting group sessions for several sporting clubs but STARplex is her first Studio home. Caitlin enjoys all forms of exercise and body movement, especially those that incorporate the outdoors...STARplex Pilates retreat I hear you ask? ;) This creative soul will bring a grounding and wholistic approach to her sessions.