February 05, 2021

An Australian Title for MAN v FAT!!

Our Season 3 competition of MAN v FAT – which was held during Sept-Dec 2020, has been named Australia’s LEADING MAN v FAT WEIGHT LOSS CENTRE!

The players between them lost an incredible 122.1Kgs!!!

Mr Tom Atkinson of UWA Sport - MAN v FAT Program Manager said “Your “Leading Loser” Chris was also the 2nd best “loser” in Australia - losing over 18kgs and 15% of his body weight which is just incredible and must be life changing for him!”

So how does the MAN v FAT Program work?

It combines futsal with a weekly weigh-in to help overweight men kick goals on and off the court. Participants must have a body mass index (BMI) of 27.5 or higher and are assigned to a five-a-side futsal team to play one 30 minute match a week.

Participants are weighed at the start of the season and again before each game. Every player that loses weight earns their side a half-goal head start but, tipping the scales heavier than the week before is an own goal and a boost to your opponent. Losing weight for three consecutive weeks is rewarded with a hat-trick, as is each time you lose five per cent of your starting weight.

The 2021 season has just recommenced and we wish everyone involved continued success – it’s never too late to join. REGISTER ONLINE HERE.