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“It’s a matter of choices and no one will do it for you”

March 8, 2019

Jill Vandeleur has been a STARplex member for the past 6 years.

Seriously facing life in wheelchair 6 years ago after years of problems with her health and general mobility, Jill decided to come into STARplex for a swim. 6 years on and Jill has continued her swimming 6 days a week and for the past year has also been attending the STARplex Fitness Centre 5 days per week.

Jill’s regular routine is 30 minutes in the pool followed by 2 hours in the gym. Jill has not missed a session in all that time. Her gym session includes a combination of weights, treadmill and stretching.

Jill says that it really is mind over matter and that although some days are tougher than others to make the effort, Jill now knows the benefits and how much they have helped her day to day life.

The improvement to Jill’s health has been nothing short of amazing. Predominantly Jill’s posture has dramatically improved and she has experienced a 90% improvement in flexibility in her foot. Her exercise routine combined with a healthy diet has resulted in a weight loss of 18kg and her general fitness overall has improved greatly.

It was lovely to hear Jill talk about STARplex Fitness Centre being socially fabulous and she has met many people who she enjoys chatting to each day whilst doing her exercise. Overall, this has really contributed to improving Jill’s general wellbeing.

Jill really believes if you get your body moving, the benefits to your mind will come naturally and that the more sedentary we are in our day to day life, the more our bodies settle and adjust physically to that routine.

Jill has no doubt that had she not decided all those years ago to introduce regular exercise to her life, she would now be in a wheelchair, something that Jill’s doctor and specialists certainly agree with.

As Jill said….”It’s a matter of choices, no one will do it for you!”

Jill has been married to her husband Peter for 51 years and has 3 children and 12 grandchildren aged 7 to 23 years. This month Jill will celebrates her 70th birthday and we at STARplex certainly wish Jill all the best and we look forward to seeing you regularly for many more years to come!