"Love it! Thanks to the Starplex staff who I know work tirelessly to deliver services and adhere to restrictions. Can't be easy, just happy I can get on with my fitness at the place I love."

-Abby, December 2020

"Can't wait! Thank you Starplex, you've done a great job of creating conditions for us to exercise safely at the gym."

- Brigette, December 2020

"It has everything I want to start my journey to healthy living and the staff were very helpful."

-Fiona, November 2020

"Wanted to thank the swim centre for a fantastic clinic today. All 4 children loved it and learnt so much from having to focus on the details of the swim strokes and the corrections and guidance they were given. Thanks and well done.

-Rebecca, October 2020

"When we first returned to STARplex on June 11 it was very different as we walked in. But there at a small reception desk was Celeste and she could hardly contain herself, waving and smiling. You then realise how much you have missed the place. The staff are more like friends. As much as we have tried doing online classes regularly there really is nothing like being at a group session. The vibrancy and enthusiasm of the instructors is just infectious. And the smiles of Alli & Jemma at the first class back really did give you a lift. Every time we go now there is always at least one staff member doing some form of cleaning on equipment, door handles etc. Very reassuring, especially for matures [not olds] like us. I have to repeat that we hadn't realised how much we had missed going to STARplex until we returned. It's a great facility with friendly, professional and helpful staff.

Chris and Cathy, June 2020
"Fantastic place for family offers gym, creche, pool, theatre, courts and gift sport store. Great staff great facility for the North and its community. Well done."

- Linda, March 2020
"Great staff throughout the complex but especially in the gymnastics."

- Susan, February 2020
"Friendly staff and great facilities. Love Body Balance & AquaHIT."

- Thalia, February 2020
"I love doing the Group Fitness classes."

- Carmen, January 2020
"The Australia Day long weekend carnival is always fun and well organised."

- Taryn, January 2020
"My daughter had her third game for Sandy Creek at STARplex tonight. The referee was AMAZING! He really took time to explain stuff to her. So please pass my thanks on to him!"

- Kirsty, November 2019
"The gym has a range of equipment and rooms you can go into to stretch. The pool is warm and has lanes to swim in and aqua classes."

- Roweena, August 2019
"Welcoming staff great facilities. So many different areas .Awesome front shop to greet you with a lot of gift ideas plus swim wear."

- Marlene, July 2019
"What an amazing facility STARplex is! Friendly staff who go out of their way to help, highly recommend!"

- Kris, June 2019
"I have been a member of STARplex for over four years and I have loved every minute of it! The friendly and professional staff, the facilities, the accommodating timetable to suit everyone and the gym equipment is exceptional! I highly recommend joining this gym and becoming a part of the STARplex family!"

- Kelly, June 2019
"Not only local for me, it offers such a range of facilities for the entire family. Been a member for approx eight years and now the kids enjoy swimming, kindergym and the brilliant free creche whilst I enjoy Les Mills classes or getting my butt kicked at a PT class. Every staff member throughout the complex are professional and friendly. I used to dislike gyms but this one is different."

- Michelle Harris, June 2019
"Fantastic first day of swimming in 10 years!"

- Michael, January 2019
"I go there on a daily basis, great classes, lovely people, great instructors."

- Michelle, April 2019
"Great basketball stadium good facilities."

- Robert, January 2019
"Great place to exercise and socialise, with friendly staff. Especially Fit for Life."

- Alwyn September 2018
"Friendly staff and great place. Our eldest daughter had swimming lessons last year. Such a lovely place to do so."

- Melanie, October 2017
"My daughter Issy and I come swimming at STARplex every Friday and we also do swimming lessons on a Wednesday! I have been so pleased here, the staff are absolutely wonderful. We will be coming here for years to come I'm sure of it!"

- Rikki, September 2017
"WOW! It is huge and caters for all age groups...very friendly staff too."

- Ginny, July 2019
"Kids swim every Monday and love it! Had the joy of using the gym and netball courts too it’s a great place!"

- Skye, May 2017
"Been going to the STARplex on and off for 10+ years. Enjoy using the facilities not only for myself but my children."

- Narrah, February 2017
"STARplex gym is like an extended family community for me. I joined the gym when I was battling significant depression. The staff welcome and care has been amazing. I've learned so much about how to tackle life adversities especially that we are all capable of far more than we think we are. God bless you all!"

- Katrina, January 2017