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Australia Day 2017 Basketball RESULTS

February 7, 2017

This year’s STARplex Australia Day Basketball Carnival was the biggest yet! We had 123 teams from 20 different associations and clubs.

There was U10’s Boys and Girls to Adults, represented at the carnival. Teams came from both local and regional associations.

Fifteen different teams were represented in the finals including local and nearby representatives, Central Districts Basketball club, Adelaide Plains Association, Barossa Settlers & Light and Amateur Basketball Association.

There were some fantastic games played throughout the carnival especially in the Grand Final games with several decided in the last minute of play. Many key performers stood up in the big game propelling their teams to victory.

Brant Day from Centrals U12’s continued his good play and really stepped it up in the U14 B grand final against bigger opposition. Rhea Lawless of Adelaide Plains U16’s B team played the game of her life scoring 17 of her teams 40 points to get her team over the line against a tough Centrals squad. Other top performers and grand final MVP winners included Ella Schultz of Riverland U18’s, Jessica Spratt of Centrals U16 A’s, Mitch Searle of Centrals U14’s who won the U16 B grand final.

The tournament was not only the biggest but it was also the best to date. The weekend ended with the selection of the Zorich Group best and fairest for the entire tournament. That selection went to Centrals U14’s player Brant (BJ) Day and Riverland U18’s player Ella Schultz.

The overall Zorich Group Male performer of the carnival was Brant (BJ) Day – Centrals U12’s player that played in U14 Boys B Group.

The overall Zorich Group Female performer of the carnival was Ella Schultz – Riverland U18’s player that played in Youth/Ladies Group.